SciTech Plus Co., Ltd. is the scientific instruments supplying company, located in Bangkok. We are a group of experienced engineers and scientists in various fields. We are specialized in petroleum, chemicals, pulp & paper industry, packaging and various material testing e.g. for metals, paints, glass bottle, PET bottles, cans, films, textile, rubber, etc.


  • We will offer our best selection of products and services to our potential customers
  • We will provide excellent after-sales service with scientific knowledge background

Our examples of reference products highlight:

Pulp & Paper Industry

  • Dynamic Hand Sheet former, Hand Sheet Press, Hand Sheet Dryer, Lab Scale Curved Surface Dryer, Lab Pulp Digester / Reactor, Viscometer for pulp or other liquids, Viscosity bath for chemicals, oils, Standard Disintegrator, Laboratory Pulper, PFI Mill, Laboratory Valley Beater, Automatic Cobb Tester, Canadian Freeness Tester (CSF Freeness), Schoppler Riegler Freeness Tester (S/R Freeness), Automatic / Manual Tappi Handsheet Former, Sheet Press, Fiber Analyzer, Somerville Shiver Analyzer, Fiber Classifier, Baure Mcnett, Brightness and Color Tester, Gloss Meter, Micrometer, Drum Dryer, Tensile Tester, Internal Ply Bond Tester, Digital Elmendorf Tear Tester, Burst Tester, Crush Tester, Box Compression Tester, Drop Tester, Vibration Tester, Various size cutters and punch cutters

 Food Industry

  • Colorimeter, Water Activity Meter, Texture Analyzer, Brookfield Viscosity, Moisture Balance, Memmert Drying Oven, Protein, Brix, Salt, Refractive Index, Polarimeter, RYBN Colorimeter, Auto Clave, UHT, Carbonator, Fermenter, Reactor, Herbal Extraction, SFE, Distillation, Solvent Recovery, etc.

 Petroleum Industry