Water Separability

The apparatus consists of a steel frame supporting the control box, the jar and an electric lift that permits to move the stirrer blade up and down in the test cylinder. The speed of the stirrer is continuously showed on a digital tachometer.

  • Borosilicate glass jar, 250 mm deep, mounted on a enamel finished benchtop steel frame.
  • Anodized aluminium cover with six-position turntable for the insertion of the cylinders containing the samples: a positioning device permits to locate the cylinders exactly below the blade of the sample stirrer, avoiding breakings due to positioning mistakes.
  • Electric lifting device for the stirrer support.
  • Electric bath stirrer.
  • Stainless steel heater.
  • Electric sample stirrer.
  • Digital tachometer which continuously shows the stirrer speed.
  • Electronic timer which automatically stops the sample stirrer after 5 minutes stirring.
  • Microprocessor controlled thermoregulator, PID action with built-in digital display 0.1°C accuracy. Probe: PT100 RTD. Regulation accuracy ± 0.1°C.
  • Working range: from ambient to 100°C.
  • Safety devices against overheating and low-level.
  • Easy access control box placed on the right side of the apparatus containing all the electronics: anodized aluminium control panel with english written indications.
  • English written user manual.
  • For 220 V/50 Hz connections. Power consumption 800 W.
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): mm 500 x 460 x 960 approx. Weight: kg 40 approx.
  • CE marked.

AD1401-100        Apparatus


CAL001                PT100 simulator

CAL002                Officially certified PT100 simulator


AD1401-C00        Graduate cylinder, Pyrex glass

TA009C-N00       ASTM 9C thermometer (-5°C/+110°C)

TA019C-N00       ASTM 19C thermometer (+49°C/+57°C)

TA021C-N00       ASTM 21C thermometer (+79°C/+87°C)

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