Computer controlled ductility machine

The apparatus consists of a constant temperature bath capable to work in the range from -10 to 40 °C (thanks to a built-in cooling compressor) with an electrically powered tractor that pulls apart at an selectable speed the two ends of two briquet specimens: a load cell records continuously the force applied to the briquets transmitting them plus the bath temperature and the carriage speed to a PC through the RS-232 serial interface or USB port (converter required): a data acquisition software permits to display data on graphs, store them on the hard-disk, obtain printed reports and calibrate temperature, force and elongation sensors

  • Enamel finished steel case, floor mounted with swivelling castors.
  • Stainless steel bath, thermally insulated, with drain valve.
  • Chromium plated brass pump: it provides an adequate stirring of the liquid in the bath. Switch to turn it off during the test.
  • Stainless steel heater.
  • Microprocessor thermoregulator with PID action: built-in digital display 0.1°C accuracy. Probe: Pt100 RTD. Working range: from -10 to 40°C.
  • Safety device against overheating and low level with alarm lamp.
  • Built-in hermetic cooling compressor.
  • Acrylic hinged cover: it helps to maintain a constant temperature in the bath providing a clear view of the inside.
  • Traction carriage with variable speed motor: the carriage can contain 2 briquet molds. Automatic stop safety switch that stops the carriage when the maximum elongation has been reached. Traction length: 50, 100  or 150 cm.
  • White PTFE screen fixed to the bottom of the bath: it permits a better vision of the test while in execution.
  • Two load cells mechanically connected to the briquet molds. Range: 0 - 200 Newton: accuracy: 0.5 Newton.
  • RS-232 serial interface for the connection to a PC: we can supply the instrument with a traditional desktop PC or the user can use one of his PC’s with the requirements reported in the “accessories” section here below.
  • Data acquisition software running under Windows Xp/Vista/7: the software provides to record and show on graphs the force applied to the briquet molds, the elongation and the temperature of the bath. Data can be stored on a hard disk and printed. Software routines for calibration of temperature, force and elongation sensors.
  • Easy access control box containing all the electronics: anodized aluminium control panel with english written indications.
  • English written user manual with installation instructions.
  • For 220 V/50 Hz connections: 1800 W power consumption.
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): mm 1800 x 450 x 1300 approx. (100 cm version) 2400 x 450 x 1300 approx. (150 cm version). Weight: 250 kg approx.
  • CE marked.

AD0113-500        Apparatus, 500 mm traction length

AD0113-510        Apparatus, 1000 mm traction length

AD0113-520        Apparatus, 1500 mm traction length



AD0113-A00        Mold acc. to ASTM D 113 - IP 32 - IS 1208

AD0113-A01        Brass plate for mold assembling

AD5976-A00        Mold acc. to ASTM D 5976

PC01                    Desktop PC

PRN01                 Printer

CAL001                PT100 simulator

CAL002                Officially certified PT100 simulator

USB-CONV         RS232 to USB converter