Dropping point of lubricating grease

The dropping point is the temperature at which the grease passes from a semisolid to a liquid state under the conditions of test. Cooperative testing indicates that in general, dropping points by test method D 566 is in agreement. The test, usually carried on with manually operated analyzers, has been totally automated with this instrument: in fact it provides automatically to regulate the heating rate, beginning with a 5.5°C/min rate and then reducing it to 1°C/min rate. The apparatus is a benchtop model which houses the components and a Panel PC with touch screen. A software running under Microsoft Windows XP permits to select the test method and the test parameters, run the test automatically, store, retrieve and print data, diagnose and calibrate the instrument offering in the meanwhile all the features of Windows systems such as LAN connectivity.A unique cooling system permits to cool down quickly the heating furnace allowing to start a new test in a few minutes.
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