Grease worker

Worked penetration results may be used to establish the consistency of lubricating greases after prolonged working. The change in worked penetration results on a grease after prolonged working are believed to be a measure of its shear stability under the conditions of the test.The electrically operated grease working machine consists of a geared motor for 60 strokes/min mounted on a aluminium base with clamps to fix the grease workers. The number of strokes, continuously showed on a display, can be preset to stop the worker after any required number of strokes up to 100,000.

  • Cast aluminium base, machine worked and enamel finished. Benchtop version.
  • Geared motor unit for 60 strokes/min.
  • Two crank flanges, cast iron.
  • Programmable counter with six digits.
  • Two grease workers.
  • Two worker plates, 51 holes.
  • Wrench for opening and closing of grease workers.
  • For 380V / 50Hz connections: 600 W power consumption.
  • English written user manual.
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): mm 450 x 450 x 350 approx. Weight: kg 30 approx.
  • CE marked.
  • Single and dual units available.

AD0217-100        Single-unit grease working machine

AD0217-110        Dual-unit grease working machine


AD0217-A00        Worker plate, 51 holes

AD0217-A01        Worker plate, 270 holes (FTMS 313.3)

AD0217-A02        Lip seal for rod

AD0217-A03        Overflow ring

AD0217-A04        Blank cup cover (used when preheating the sample prior to test)