Wheel bearing test

The apparatus consists of a benchtop case containing all the electronics and supporting the front-wheel hub and spindle assembly encased in a thermostatically controlled air bath. The motor is placed in the rear and rotates the spindle at 660 rpm through a V-belt drive.

  • Enamel finished benchtop steel case. Hinged shield with thermal insulation. Safety switch that stops the motor and the heating when the shield is open.
  • Stainless steel bearing spindle fixed to the body with insulating spacers. Jacket for ASTM 7C spindle thermometer.
  • Stainless steel hub with aluminium driven pulley and leakage collector.
  • One Timken n° 15118 bearing with n° 15250 cup.
  • One Timken n° 9074 bearing with n° 9196 cup.
  • 1/3 HP electric motor with metal shaft extension, drive pulley and fan built exactly as prescribed by the ASTM D 1263 test method. The motor is mounted on an adjustable support to permit tightening the pulley.
  • Stainless steel heaters.
  • Microprocessor thermostat with PID action and built-in digital display 1°C accuracy. Probe: Pt100 RTD.
  • Working range: from ambient to 165 °C. Regulation accuracy: +/- 1°C.
  • Safety devices against overheating.
  • Digital timer for the operation time regulation: it stops the spindle automatically after the preset time has elapsed.
  • For 220 V/50 Hz connections: 1700 W power consumption.
  • English written user manual.
  • CE marked.
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 550 x 450 x 380 mm. Weight: 70 kg.

AD1263-100        Apparatus

AD1263-110        Apparatus with digital display for the spindle temperature


AD1263-A00        Torque wrench

CAL001                PT100 simulator

CAL002                Officially certified PT100 simulator


AD1263-C00        Large bearing

AD1263-C01        Small bearing

TA007C-N00       ASTM 7C thermometer (-2°C/+300°C)