Roll stability of lubricating grease

The apparatus consists of a benchtop case with a hinged shield that covers the rolling mechanism vane. Two and four-cylinder units are available.

  • Enamel finished benchtop steel case.
  • Upper vane hosting the rolling mechanism ball bearing mounted. Aluminium bearing supports.
  • Thermally insulated hinged cover with safety switch that stops the roller motor, fan and heater when opened.
  • Microprocessor thermoregulator with built-in digital display 0.1°C accuracy. Probe: Pt100 RTD. Working range: from ambient to 100 +/- 1°C.
  • Safety device against overheating.
  • Stainless steel heater.
  • Fan for air circulation inside the cylinder vane.
  • Set of stainless steel cylinders with threaded caps and 5 kg brass roller weights.
  • Electronic timer that stops the test at the end of the preset time. Buzzer that sounds to alert that test is completed.
  • Electronically driven motor for operation at 10 and 165 rpm. Thermally protected against overload.
  • Control box containing all the electronics.
  • English written user manual.
  • For 220 V/50 Hz connections: 1000 W power consumption.
  • Four-cylinder apparatus also available.
  • CE marked.

AD1831-100        Two-cylinder apparatus. Dimensions (l x w x h): mm 500 x 400 x 400. Weight: 55 kg

AD1831-110        Four-cylinder apparatus. Dimensions (l x w x h): mm 500 x 650 x 400. Weight: 80 kg



AD1831-A00        Cylinder with threaded caps

AD1831-A01        Roller weight, 5 kg

CAL001                PT100 simulator

CAL002                Officially certified PT100 simulator