Low temperature viscosity

The apparatus consists of a benchtop case hosting the bath and the cooling compressor. One important feature of this apparatus is that the bath is a stainless steel tank (no double-wall glass beaker is used) with a large tempered glass window for a clear view of the inside. The cover of the bath can host two Cannon-Fenske or Ubbelohde capillaries.
  • Enamel finished steel case, benchtop model or floor mounted with swivelling castors.
  • Stainless steel bath (with drainage), 12 liters capacity with thermally insulated front window for a clear view of the inside: a second window on the rear of the tank is provided for the built-in light.
  • High efficiency thermal insulation.
  • Electric stirrer with stainless steel shaft and propeller.
  • Thermally insulated bath cover with two holes for Cannon Fenske or Ubbelohde capillary viscometers. Control thermometer jacket placed between the two capillary holes.
  • Stainless steel heater: while the compressor runs continuously, the heater, piloted by the electronic thermoregulator, compensates the heat subtracted by the compressor;
  • Single stage (double stage for the -65 °C model) air cooled cooling compressor,: both single and double stage circuits are filled with CFC/HCFC-free gas.
  • High precision electronic thermostat. Probe: PT100 RTD. The regulation accuracy is ± 0.01°C.
  • Digital setting of the desired bath temperature with 0.01 °C accuracy.
  • Safety devices against overheating and low-level.
  • For 220 V/50 Hz connections: 1500 W power consumption.
  • English written user manual.
  • Dimensions for the benchtop model (l x w x h): 84 x 64 x 75 cm. Weight: 105 kg. One wooden crate dimensions (l x w x h): 100 x 80 x 100 cm. Shipping weight: 160 kg.
  • Dimensions for the floor-mounted model (l x w x h): 75 x 75 x 120 cm. Weight: 180 kg. One wooden crate dimensions (l x w x h): 90 x 90 x 145 cm. Shipping weight: 250 kg.
  • All models CE marked. Floor mounted versions also available.

AD0445-200        Apparatus with working range from +50°C down to -25 °C

AD0445-210        Apparatus for temperature from +50°C down to -45 °C

AD0445-220        Apparatus for temperature from +50°C down to -65 °C

Note: add suffix F for floor mounted version



AD0445-A00        Battery chronograph

AD0445-A01        Portable digital thermometer with PT100 probe

CAL001                PT100 simulator

CAL002                Officially certified PT100 simulator

Portable digital thermometer and glass thermometers can be supplied with official certificate


TA072C-N00       ASTM 72C thermometer (-19.4°C/-16.6°C)

TA073C-N00       ASTM 73C thermometer (-41.4°C/-38.5°C)

TA074C-N00       ASTM 74C thermometer (-55.4°C/-52.6°C)

TA126C-N00       ASTM 126C thermometer (-27.4°C/-24.6°C)

TA127C-N00       ASTM 127C thermometer (-21.4°C/-18.6°C)

TA128C-N00       ASTM 128C thermometer (-1.4°C/+1.4°C)

AD0445-C00        Cannon-Fenske capillary holder

AD0445-C01        Ubbelohde capillary holder