Hot filtration

The apparatus consists of a support hosting two filtering units. A unique mechanism permits to the operator to stay far from hot parts of the instrument during the operations to avoid risks of burnings.

  • Two chromium plated brass filtering units with heating coils fitted with hose connectors and silicon tubes to the manifold.
  • Insulating supports for the two funnels.
  • Mechanical device to firmly press the cups against the funnels.
  • Stainless steel manifolds.
  • Vacuum valve to connect the funnels to the vacuum line with leverage on the front of the apparatus.
  • Two separated vacuum circuits with two gauges.
  • Semiautomatic version with a PLC that automatically controls the phases of the analysis through solenoid valves also available.

IP0375-100          Manual apparatus

IP0375-110          Semi-automatic apparatus

IP0390-100          Ageing bath for IP 390 test (4-place aluminium block) without glassware


IP0375-A00      Vacuum pump

IP0375-A01     Fully automatic steam generator with safety pressure control. The steam generator has to be connected to a water source. For 220V/50 Hz connections

Note: vacuum pump and steam generator are parts of the apparatus and must be added to it in case they are not yet available in the laboratory.


IP0375-C00         Pack of 100 Whatman GF/A Ø 47 mm filters

IP0375-C01         Sintered bronze filter support with OR gasket

IP0375-C02         Pack of 10 OR gaskets for filter support

IP0375-C03         Vacuum flask, 500 ml

IP0390-C00        Conical flask 50 ml capacity with bored cork, air

                               condenser and rubber stopper

TA022C-N00       ASTM 22C thermometer (+95°C/+103°C)

Specifications may vary without notice.