Dynamic Hand Sheet Former Model D7

General Information:

Dynamic Hand Sheet Former D7 is a revised lab equipment, originally designed to make large sized handsheets of paper. The characteristics of the final sheet are close to industrial paper with regard to the fiber orientation and the bulk. The advantage of a rectangular sheet is that they can be calandered, coated, or cut into A4 sheets or many test strips. Many different kind of sheet quality, simple lay or multi lay can be obtained with a large range of basis weight. Dynamic Hand Sheet Former Model D7 is the result of o experience with different versions of this type of sheetformer, including automised and computerised versions. It is professionally manufactured, using only high quality and reliable parts. The dynamic sheetformer is a useful tool for R&D labs, chemists or paper engineers to investigate the paper quality or forecast of chemical behaviour like strength chemicals in industry.

Technical Specification:

  • Excellent revised compact design and simple to use especially by small persons
  • Large size of sheet can be made equivalent to 3 x A4 sheets, untrimmed sheet size 94×25 cm
  • Excellent retention especially for fine elements and dyes
  • Very reliable conventional technology is applied, no automate, no PC neither touch screen is required
  • Each function can be controlled by operator
  • Adjustable wire speed and pulp pressure allows to control jet to wire speed ratio
  • Stainless steel pulp tank with pulper design and two anti-vortex ribs
  • Tank volume of 28 liters, stainless steel
  • Adjustable mixing speed stirrer with special stainless steel stirring blade
  • Volume of pulp in the tube between the pump and the nozzle is minimal, about 0.1 liter
  • The pulp pump motor has maximum power at start up of 0.75 kW and it is controlled by digital inverter
  • Digital pulp pressure display with resolution of 0.1 bar, up to 3 bar
  • Formation drum is made of hard anodized aluminium with innovating formation area
  • Water needed for water wall about 4 liters, instead of 7 liters usually. This means faster start up, and faster scooping
  • The drum motor has maximum power at start up of 1.5 kW and it is controlled by digital inverter
  • Digital speed adjustable from 20 to 1325 m/min
  • Digital wire speed display
  • Digital sweep counter for up and down direction and automatic stop if the pre-set is reach
  • Five different pieces of spray nozzles are supplied for various applications
  • Safety polycarbonate cover with current position checking by proximity switch formation drum would not start if this cover is not in correct place
  • Scooping can be controlled electrically and/or manually
  • Emergency switch to stop all parts in case of any trouble shooting
  • Shower spray for water wall filling and cleaning of formation drum / pulp tank
  • Separation of white water during sheet making. The white water can be collected in a separate jar
  • Formation wire size: 25x94cm (bronze, stainless steel or plastic wire can be used)
  • No special maintenance required except cleaning.
  • Simple to replace parts if any problems occur.
  • No specific supplier parts (such as electronic boards, EEPROMS or software)
  • Very compact design, dimensions of width (920mm) x depth (700mm) x desk Height (820mm), total height (1170mm)
  • Stainless top finished
  • Weight of 290 kg, epoxy coated metal frame, suitable for crane lifting
  • Adjustable rubber feet for balance compensation
  • Warranty: 12 months after installation

Installation Requirements:

  • Electricity supply: 220-230V, 50Hz, 15 Amps, single phase
  • Water supply: tap water, minimum 4 bars
  • Floor drain line
  • Blotting paper : 190g/m2, 100x25cm
  • Spare blotting paper:  190g/m2, 100x25cm
  • White water circulation with drain pump and upgraded electric circuit
  • Installation and commissioning by experienced engineer, 2 days

Additional Instruments:

  • Lab scale hand sheet press for water removal Model P8, 120 mm roll diameter, Max force between rolls of 520 kg. 220-230V, 50Hz
  • Lab scale curved dryer for large size hand sheet Model H9, up to 150 deg.C, digital display with 0.1 deg.C resolution, silent PID control with adjustable temperature calibration offset, easy locking design, 220-230V, 50Hz