Hand Sheet Press Model P8

General Information:

This Hand Sheet Press Model P8 is composed by two hard rubber coated rolls, diameter 120mm, pressed together by two air cylinders. The strongly built housing and frame are designed to make its use very safe and user friendly.

Technical Specification:

  • Excellent design and simple to use
  • Simulation to paper machine by the use of rolls
  • Accepts large size of handsheets, maximum width 320mm, unlimited length
  • Rolls diameter of 120 mm
  • Top roller is made of hard rubber, 90 Shore A hardness
  • Bottom roller is made of hard rubber 100 Shore A hardness
  • Variable motor speed from 1 to 18 m/min
  • Adjustable force between rolls by air pressure regulator
  • Force of  520 kgs between rolls at 6 bars air pressure
  • Analog / dial pressure gauge in the range of 1.5 to 7 bars
  • Air inlet filter
  • Large press inlet table, size 1070x 324mm
  • Outlet table 400 (or longer on request) x 324mm
  • Water drip tray is located underneath the pressing zone for collecting water from pressed handsheet
  • Press nip protection rod for protecting the operator hands from moving parts
  • Emergency switch to stop all parts in case of problem
  • Adjustable rubber feet for balance compensation
  • Epoxy coated metal frame, suitable for crane lifting
  • Three extra shelves underneath the press to store blotting papers, tools, etc.
  • Minimal maintenance and simple to replace parts if any problems occur
  • Dimension of width (1400mm) x depth (600mm) x desk Height (850mm)
  • Weight of 120 Kg
  • Warranty: 12 months after installation

Installation Requirements:

  • Electricity supply: 220-230V, 50Hz, 6 Amps, single phase
  • Air supply: minimum 4 bars, maximum 8 bars
Warning: in despite of the inlet filter, use only clean oil and water free instrument air