Hand Sheet Dryer Model H9

General Information:

Lab Scale Curved Hand Sheet Dryer Model H9 is designed for drying various handsheets from circular, square or large sized rectangular handsheets e.g. the 94 x 25 handsheets made with dynamic sheetformer. The handsheet is dryed, catched between the massive curved heating plate and a strongly tightened cotton fabric. This way of drying avoids shrinking of the sheet during drying process. The papermaker characteristics of the obtained dried sheet are excellent. Model H9 can heat up to 150 deg C, or more upon request, with a convenient digital display and setting.

Technical Specification:

  • This dryer is especially designed for easy use even by small persons thanks to its size and the innovating locker.
  • This type of dryer with curved heating plate and tightened fabric avoids paper shrinkage during drying process
  • The user obtains nice flat non curled handsheets with excellent characteristics
  • Applicable for any standard hand sheets to maximum size of sheet up to 100×31 cm
  • Adjustable temperature setting up to 150 deg.C (or higher if requested)
  • Digital temperature control with 0.1 deg. C resolution
  • Silent automatic PID control for better temperature stability
  • Pt100 stainless steel temperature sensor located in the thickness of the heating plate, this allows the best temperature sensitivity reading
  • Great uniformity of temperature on the whole surface thanks to the 10mm thick aluminium heating plate and the large heating element
  • Silicone heater with maximum power of 1500 Watts for quick response action over complete heating surface
  • Surface area of 1000 x 316 mm
  • User friendly tightening locker system
  • Simple opening/closing mechanism by the assistance of counterweight
  • The cotton fabric stays stretched during opening and closing thus the sheet doesn’t move backwards or forwards
  • The tension of cotton fabric can be easily readjusted
  • Adjustable rubber feet for balance compensation
  • Minimal maintenance and simple to replace parts if any problems occur
  • Dimension of width (1000mm) x depth (460mm) x Height, dryer closed (800mm)
  • Weight of 75 kg, epoxy coated metal frame, suitable for crane lifting
  • Warranty: 12 months after installation

Installation Requirements:

  • Electricity supply: 220-230V, 50Hz, 15 Amps, single phase